Nairobi’s first African Mayor Charles Rubia is dead.

The veteran politician’s lawyer Irungu Kang’ata confirmed his client passed away silently in his Karen home, Nairobi on Monday, December 23, 2019.

Charles Rubia is dead.

Charles Rubia was Starehe MP for 19 years, from 1979 to 1988.
Photo: Courtesy.

Rubia, who, a street in Nairobi was named after him was a multiparty elections champion alongside the later Kenneth Matiba.

He also served as a Member of Parliament and ascended to be a Cabinet Minister.

Seven things to know about late politician Charles Rubia:

  1. Charles Wanyoike Rubia was the first African to become the mayor of Nairobi.
  2. Rubia and Matiba championed for multiparty democracy and got on the wrong side of retired president Daniel Moi.
  3. The veteran politician was detained by Moi for one year due to his fronting for multiparty democracy.
  4. A street in Nairobi was named after the former Starehe MP.
  5. Rubia was Starehe MP for 19 years, from 1979 to 1988.
  6. Murang’a university announced it would honour Rubia with a Bachelor of letters for his excellent work as a politician.
  7. Rubia was born in 1923 and died on Monday, December 23, 2019, aged 96 years.

Many politicians send messages of condolences to Rubia’s family and friends: sends condolences to the family.