President Uhuru Kenyatta's car

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s car had its number plate placed upside down. Photo: People Daily

President Uhuru Kenyatta held a powerful address to the nation with regards to the coronavirus situation in the country on Sunday, March 15.

The head of state announced two more people had tested positive for the dreaded virus.

The announcement meant three Kenyans had so far tested positive for COVID-19 in a span on three days and with at least 22 other people quarantined at Mbagathi Hospital having come in contact with the first patient.

Uhuru issued powerful decrees including closure of schools and learning institutions, adoption of cashless transactions, call to banks to reduce cost of cashless transaction costs and call to have employees work at home.

As this news sunk igniting fear across the nation, Kenyans being who they are could not fail to notice anomalies that led up to the presser.

A hawk-eyed photographer captured President Uhuru Kenyatta’s car which had its number plate mounted upside, just shedding light on how the head of state’s security team could have been caught off guard ahead of the presser.

The Mercedes Benz which the president showed up with at the presser had number plate KCW 980H which was inversely mounted.

The number plate got Kenyans talking, each giving their own understanding of the rare happening. Photo: Kenyan Report.

How Kenyans picked that up at the heat of the coronavirus worrying situation is a mystery and prove that Kenya is a land where the masses leave no spectacle to chance and will have every detail of a public event whether good or bad.

Many attributed the situation to the rush by the head of state, others related it to scare caused by the number of cases reported while others had hilarious interpretation of the scenario.

“President Uhuru’s car number plate was upside down in a hurry to finish presser before William Ruto arrives. Lakini Kuna Mungu (But there is God,” Frdy Koome said.

Darker the Berry a Twitter user thought the situation was result of the panic coronavirus had caused to the nation.

“Jana vile niliona Prezzo na gari number plate iko upside-down ndio nilirealise (When I saw the president’s car with number plate placed upside down i realised) this Corona is more serious than the way people think it is. Even the government is confused and worried mpaka hawakunotice (to an extent they could not notice) that error,” Berry said.

Another Kenyan said he was not bothered with the presidential car having the number plate mounted upside down saying the address to the nation was more important than the “sideshows” of the event.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with the number plates of the President’s car to be upside down. We are on a state of emergency. For me the plates really don’t worry me,” Abraham Mutai tweeted.

There was more confusion as other Kenyans alleged the placing of the number plate in an upside position was simply an indicator that the president was not carrying good news.

Some Kenyans said the upside down position of the president’s car symbolised the head of state was not carrying good news: Photo: Kenyan Traffic.

“Whenever this happens it simply means that the president isn’t carrying good news and the direction of the Nation isn’t good. I first saw the number plate of the President’s car inverted in Turkey when Turkish government was almost getting overthrown.Hope I helped you all learn,” Drey Mwangi explained.

Mwangi’s sentiments were echoed by another Kenyan who said the number plate placement was not erroneous but a standard military procedure.

“Apparently this is a military procedure meant to show that the president is not about to deliver good news. Inverted number plate and missing the flag,” Kinyanjui Macharia said.

Juma G another Kenyan, strongly believed the number plate placement was not inadvertent but deliberate and explained it this way:

“A President is allowed to drive with the number plate upside down for two reasons: When the official flag to his car is missing. When he is carrying bad news. On Sunday, Uhuru did not have good news,” said Juma.