Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame has officially launched Africa’s first smartphone company in Kigali.

Speaking during the launch, Kagame said smartphones are no longer luxury items but daily basic requirements that every citizen needed to own.
“This establishment is the latest addition to our own going partnership with Mara Group and it shows this company‚Äôs confidence in business prospects of our country and the wider region,” Povo News quoted Kagame.

The Mara phones factory valued at over KSh 2.4 billion located at Rwanda’s special economic zone in Kigali also seeks to have a plant in South Africa in November.

The company’s two Mara X and Mara Z phones which are loaded with Android operating systems will sell at KSh 19k and 13k respectively.

According to Mara CEO, Ashisg Thakkar said the company will be the first complete manufacturer of phones in Africa.
“Other countries like Ethiopia, Algeria, and Egypt assemble phones from material imported from abroad but we’ll fully manufacture them in Africa,” Thakkar said.

The move was lauded by many East Africa Community residents.