Love for our mothers helped us not commit suicide, Bravin Yuri

Over 300 million people have been diagnosed with depression across the world according to World Health Organisation (WHO).

The health monitor also indicated depression largely contributes to 800,000 suicides committed across the world annually.

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Depression, according t WHO, is a mental sickness characterised by low mood, lack of interest in daily activities and causes daily impairment.

This condition is common among Kenyan youth who are facing a lot of pressure as far as social life is concerned, especially in an era of lack of jobs, peer influence and unstable relationships.

News of suicide has to some extent become a norm in the country and the media has been more than once blamed for escalating the situation by reporting on this issue, delving deep into finer details of how one took their life rather than pointing out as an urgent health need that requires swift and sustainable intervention.

Depression in Kenya

Depression, according to WHO, is a mental sickness characterised by low mood, lack of interest in daily activities and causes daily impairment. Photo: Daily Nation.

Serah Muindi a psychological counsellor at The Hope Well Counselling says media needs to change its approach on reporting about suicide.

“Reporting should prioritise the fact that suicide is preventable and highlight where potential victims can get help, care and support. Including how a person who committed suicide did it like describing the hanging, taking poison and other ways give people with suicidal thoughts negative ideas of how to actualise their death desire,” she explained to

I can never think about killing myself.I don't understand how someone can think about killing themselves and the way there is so much to live for.I have heard this statements so many times and that is part of the inspiration for this video. In this video, I talk about things that put you at risk of suicidal thoughts, signs to look out for and how you can help prevent suicide.Share it with your friends.

Posted by The African Psychologist on Thursday, October 31, 2019

On Monday, December 23, 2019, a Kenyan youth on Twitter, vividly described how young people sink into depression and even highlighted that the thought of their parents, especially the mothers, has made many of them opt not to take their lives, in order to save them from shame and accusations that they failed to raise their children well.

“You Graduate, No jobs, for those that are there, You are supposed to know someone who knows someone for you to get the job. Basically, the only available jobs for the Youths is crime and Blow Jobs. If Lucky maybe Hand jobs. Kazi ya kutafuta kazi ni kazi kuliko kazi yenyewe (The job of job seeking is more of the job than the real job),” reads an excerpt from as series of his tweets.

Below is a sequence o his tweets narrateing about depression and its common causes among the youths;