Reality TV show host and renowned author Steve Harvey has testified how God lifted him from grass to grace.

The comical, yet wise public speaker confessed he was not good in school, did not get a good education, but his focus on identifying his gift and putting faith in God made him the great person he is today.

Harvey reminisced how his poverty stricken childhood made him feel that he would never make it in life, only to be reassured by his late mother that things would not be the same everyday.

He said that his mother told him God blesses people so that they can become blessings to others.

Steve Harvey is also a presenter of The Morning Show radio programme. Photo: Steve Harvey/Facebook.

His mother was a Sunday School teacher for about 40 years.

“I used to say but mom we don’t have anything but she said to me, son, one day things will be different. I’m standing here today because I learnt something. She told me God blesses you to become a blessing,” he said in a video posted on his Facebook page.

The TV host was also categorical that, one does not need education to be successful, citing identifying ones gift is the key to prosperity.

“You don’t need to be educated to succeed. Education is not in the Bible. There is no Harvard or UCLA there. If you want to be a lawyer, dentist or doctor you have to go to school we understand. What if you are dyslexic or you are like me who didn’t get it. If you talk of multiplication and division you lose me. I don’t get. I just know what I know,” he passionately said.

Harvey said that writing his vision down and pursuing everything he had written down step by step enabled him progress in life, explaining that jotting one’s desires on a vision board helps them store it in their subconscious memory.

“I did it without an education. I did it without anybody’s money. All I did was identify my gift, I worked, I wrote all of my visions down. I read them every morning and every night. Talk to God, these are the keys to success,” said Harvey.

He said if one focuses on what they are good at they prosper and make money easily.

According to Harvey, despite him being poor in mathematics, he is able to hire experts to assess, evaluate and approve contracts for him.

Steve Harvey also quoted James 2:14 which states that Faith without works is dead. Photo: Steve Harvey/Facebook.

The reality TV show host challenged Christians to embrace scriptures like James 4:2-3.

The verse simply states people people don’t have because they have not asked what they want.

Harvey observed that the God he serves is big and does big things.

“I expect him to do really big stuff to me,” he posed.