President Uhuru Kenyatta found himself on the receiving end from angry Kenyans after it emerged he had made 31 foreign trips in less than two years since his reelection in 2017.

More irking to Kenyans was the revelation by Controller of Budget that Uhuru had spend KSh 190 million in the foreign trips in the past nine months alone.

Uhuru's numerous foreign trips stir anger among Kenyans

President Uhuru Kenyatta with Russian counterpart Vladmir Putin during a recent trip. Photo: Twitter.

This revelation comes amid the Head of State’s persistent call to cut government expenditure with the Judiciary having been stripped a significant amount of cash from its already strained budget after Kenya Revenue Authority missed its revenue target by KSh 181 billion.

State House has nonetheless defended the expenditure that contradicts Uhuru’s call for budget cuts.

The State House concluded that the presidential trips were boosting foreign investments in the country.

Uhuru’s trips are displeasing to Kenyans, considering former president Mwai Kibaki only made 33 foreign trips in his 10 years at State House, and oversaw a tremendous economic growth unlike the current grappling.